It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.

- Jane Austen

In love with tech since 1995

Since my first contact with a computer I knew that was my destiny.
As a young girl, I believed that computers would soon control the world, so I wanted to be the one to control the computers.

Of course I was only playing games... but still.

Coding Experience

Since college, I had lots of fun coding so I enrolled in the ICPC team to participate in 2010 regionals. Breathing algorithms day and night! It was one of my best experiences, for sure.

So yes, I have strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.


Now I want to share my passion of coding to young girls and inspire them to be the next generation of engineers. That's why I co-founded WarmiLab where I teach to this amaizing girls how to code.

Dota 2 Pro

Nah, not really.
Every thing starts with a Challenge Accepted. Sooo... in my free time, I'm trying to learn how to play.

It's fun play with your friends but is so difficult to learn all the game stuff!